Melody on the Moon
Neo Angelique Abyss - ep:8

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Neo Angelique Abyss is an anime about a girl named Angelique who fights evil creatures (that look like plants), along with young cute men, who each have a special way of fighting....
This series shares similarities with La Corda, like beautiful art, gorgeous men, and really really hard to find art, if you look for it, you will probably fight to the death for it...


*Angelique -the main girl

*RAYNE/Lein- the red head gun pro..

Erenfried -the smart kid with the glasses

P.S-Sketches are arranged by order...(I made the sketches darker)

 Rayne looks at Angie ep:8

 'Okay?' ep:8

 Laughing at Rayne ep:8

 Concided Erenfried ep:8

 Angelique ep:8

 Oh... ep: 8

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